3506. Kraftwerk – Europe Endless

Darkness on the Edge of Town was mostly recorded in 1977, which was the year in which Trans-Europe Express was released, the first track of which was this…

12 thoughts on “3506. Kraftwerk – Europe Endless

  1. I’m sorry – I’m new to THE CHAIN – but isn’t ” a song released in the same year” a bit of a lame
    ( and seemingly ENDLESS) link??…….. I think I’ll try my link to this song as Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep – the link being I never owned either song!!

  2. Hi Mike, welcome to The Chain. It’s all about getting some real quality tunes on there, and the details of the chain are almost secondary. I sometimes start with the tune I want to hear and work backwards to the last link…. Anything goes!

  3. One ticked off the bucket list! Tenuous link I concur but we got a 9-minute Kraftwerk song on daytime BBC radio.

  4. Wasn’t criticising you Craig – just thought the link was tenuous and you were a lucky b*******
    to get away with it!
    Your last link from Velvet Underground to Yacht was classy ( though found myself checking on Wikipedia about the tugboat reference) ………………………………..

    watch out you linkers… there’s a new kid on the block.

  5. FWIW – I thought it was an EXTREMELY tenuous link too. Not what I consider “thematically linked” at all. But maybe I’m being too pedantic…

  6. Noel ….. how did you know I was old???

    Elvis…………. nowt wrong with pedantry- I think we should campaign for a better class of link!

    BTW why can’t I see todays tunes on the website? Is this me or everyone?

    1. I think Kenneth Ken Yau fainted when Europe – The Final Countdown got on, or he’s on his jollies, but I posted them on the “I’ve been on the Chain” site…

  7. I submiitted a link to this one which was a bit tasty (ie not a song released in the same decade!!)

    Anyone want to hear it ?

    Your going to anyway!

    Kraftwerk is German for Power Station
    Power Stations generate electricity

    Next song: Generation X Your Generation

    What do you reckon Pedantelvisfrommars??

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